Frozen Fist 100ml

Frozen Fist 100ml

  • Söluaðili:Lunghit
  • Vöruflokkur: Vökvar
Lagerstaða: Lagerstaða
4.890 kr
Get all of that chilly refreshment that you desire and so much more with this juice that combines flavors that you would never imagine of bringing together. When you hear about the flavors that are held within this vaping option, you may not believe your eyes at first and feel the need to do a double take. Then it hits you, this is actually for real! You might have a few reservations at first but when you are actually able to taste it for the first time it is going to all make sense and click. The team over at Lung Hit E Liquid has been able to masterfully put together all of these different aspects to make for one cohesive flavor that will keep you on your toes and have you coming back for inhale after inhale. It's just so interesting and unique that it's just the solution for anyone that needs something that will be a little bit more exciting and give your collection that boost that it needs. Give yourself the opportunity to make magic happen and get a hold of this blend to make your life feel so much more exciting than ever. Lung Hit E Liquid is a brand that has truly mastered the fresh flavor game, they have this amazing skill for coming up with rare, creative fruit flavors that are unlike anything that you have ever seen in the past. Not only do they make great flavors but they also bring about an unquestionable quality and craftsmanship that will rock your world. Frozen Fist starts off with a sticky, sweet, fairgrounds worthy cotton candy that's been infused with bold strawberry, fresh honeydew melon and a hint of cooling menthol.