Lemon Twist

Twist 360 Triple Red 60ml

  • Tilboð
  • Venjulegt verð 3.500 kr

Nú eru allir vökvar án nikótíns. Það fylgir nikótín skot með öllum vökvum ef fólk vill.
1 skot fyrir 3 mg og 2 skot fyrir 6 mg.

360 by Twist Triple Red eJuice brings a brand-new dawn onto the rosy shade of fruit. With a different style of sweet to attack you from each side, this is a full-on red assault of juicy flavors. This raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon vape juice spans from succulent to pleasantly tangy in a quick and simple puff. If ever there were a blend that felt complete and managed to cover all the bases, this is it. Don’t let this trio take you by surprise, because it’s easy to let your guard down around their soft exterior. Before you know it, you’ll be under a dog pile of wildly fruity taste and you won’t remember how you got there. That is the power of this watermelon, raspberry, and strawberry vape juice.