Acid Juice Pakkatilboð 3x60ml

Acid Juice Pakkatilboð 3x60ml

  • Söluaðili:Nasty
  • Vöruflokkur: Vökvar
Lagerstaða: Lagerstaða
9.990 kr


Experience the unique and refreshing taste of pineapples with a tang. The Pineapple Sour Candy by Acid Juice is a distinctive flavour that will always keep you on the edge.


Watermelon Sour Candy - Acid Juice


The best of the best within the series must be the Watermelon Sour Candy. Red ripe watermelon with a sour twist. Perfect for an all day vape.


Apple Sour Candy - Acid Juice


Apple Sour Candy will alter your taste buds completely. The unique flavour of sweet ripe apples blended together with sour sugar will leave you wanting more.