Birthday Cake Keep it 100

Birthday Cake Keep it 100

  • Söluaðili:Keep It 100
  • Vöruflokkur: Vökvar
Lagerstaða: Lagerstaða
5.000 kr

Keep It 100 is back at it again with a vape juice that will drive your taste buds through the roof. Keep It 100 Birthday Shake brings you the delightful taste of vanilla cake with a tall glass of milk to wash it down. This flavor is so authentic that with every puff you take you will be in a state of happiness. 

As you inhale Keep It 100 Birthday Shake, the taste of vanilla cake will hit your taste buds as if you've just taken a bite out of your all time favorite birthday cake. Keep It 100 has recreate the taste of birthday cake to a T with this vape juice. As you exhale, the creamy milky base will wash down the cake flavor in the best way. With every exhale of this succulent vape juice your taste buds will be craving more and more.

Keep It 100 is a brand dedicated to bringing you the most succulent vape juices with the best and longest lasting flavor. With each and every puff of these vape juices you will fall in love with the wonderful flavors they bring you. These vape juices are made with the highest quality of ingredients to provide you with the best possible vaping experience. 

Keep It 100 Birthday Shake brings you the delightful taste of a birthday cake milkshake that you will never be able to forget. This wonderful vape juice will have your head reeling in excitement with every puff you take.