Tailored Iced Tea Pink Palmer 100ml

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Pink Palmer - Tailored Iced Tea E Liquid
Allir vökvar eru án nikótíns. Það fylgir nikótín skot með öllum vökvum ef fólk vill.
1 skot fyrir 3 mg og 2 skot fyrir 6 mg.

A take on the classic palmer drink, this juice is going to have you feeling like it's the last few minutes at school before summer vacation and the bell just rang! Relief, excitement and anxious anticipation for the next few months of fun ahead, to be able to recapture that feeling would be simply sensational and somehow this wonderful juice is able to do it with ease. So, dig out your sunglasses and slap on some sunscreen, the beach is waiting for you! Imagine feeling your toes dug into the sand and the heat on your shoulders as you lounge around with nothing on your mind at all. During your hectic day to day routine, it seems almost impossible that you would ever be able to have those carefree feelings ever again. As soon as it's break time, you can fire up your mod, inhale this juice and feel as though everything just drifts away and a huge weight has been lifted off of your shoulders if only for a few moments. Pink Palmer combines your classic, southern style iced tea that's perfectly sweetened and mixes it together with a pink lemonade. It's the perfect combination of bright, party ready flavors that will have you putting your shorts on by mistake in the middle of the winter. You really can't be in a dull, cranky mood after vaping this blend, it's literally packed with sunny bright fruit flavors that seem to instantly put a smile on your face and a little extra joy in your heart. Have you ever drank a glass of pink lemonade or iced tea with a frown on your face? Probably not! Tailored Iced Tea E Liquid has definitely hit the mark with this one!