Lung Hit Slush Slammer 100ml

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  • Venjulegt verð 5.000 kr

Allir vökvar eru án nikótíns. Það fylgir nikótín skot með öllum vökvum ef fólk vill.
1 skot fyrir 3 mg og 2 skot fyrir 6 mg.

The slushy treat that you remember from back in the good old days is back and it's got an interesting new edge that is going to keep you on your toes! The amount of amazing, bright flavor that is packed into this blend is simply astounding, you're not going to be able to get enough of this juice that seems to be able to almost instantaneously put you into a lighter, more cheerful mood. Have you ever gone away to an exotic resort before? Most resorts seem to have these big slushy machines that you can get fancy mixed drinks out of and this juice tastes exactly like those wonderful refreshments that you can only seem to be able to get when you're on vacation. Being able to vape this blend will take you away even if you find yourself in the situation where you're stuck at home. It's like an instant vacation in a bottle, no more worries about having to pack your bags, go on long, uncomfortable flights or having to shell out loads of cash, you've got all of the rest and relaxation that you could ever want right here, accessible at any time. Lung Hit E Liquid is a brand that makes a huge range of different fresh flavors that are so unique and creative that you might not believe your eyes when you see them for the first time. They bring so much quality to the forefront of their blends and whenever you are able to try them, you are going to be in for a vaping experience that will keep you on your toes and continuously have your taste buds buzzing around like it's nobodies business. Slush Slammer brings together a cool slushy base with some mango, guava and papaya.