Zonk Pink Lemonade Nic Salt

Zonk Pink Lemonade Nic Salt

  • Söluaðili:Nic Salt
  • Vöruflokkur: Nic Salt, Vökvar
Lagerstaða: Lagerstaða
4.890 kr
Picture this: you’re a young kid, playing at your friend’s house. It’s summer (no school!), so you’ve been playing outside. It is a warm, sunny day, and you’ve had an amazing time. Maybe you were playing tag with some neighborhood kids. Maybe you built a fort with some sheets and bushes and rocks. Or maybe your friend was lucky enough to have a tree house, and you could hang out and read comics and talk about superheroes. Whatever you were doing, you were playing HARD. It’s time to come in and cool off. Your friend’s mom offers to give you something cold to drink. And what does she pull out of the fridge? Your heart skips a beat: could it be? Will she have your favorite? Yes, she does! It’s everyone’s first choice: pink lemonade. Sure, plain lemonade tasted fine, good even; but there was, and is, something special about pink lemonade. It’s just better. Sugary sweet and with the perfect sour punch, nothing was more thirst-quenching and delicious than pink lemonade, especially after a day of playing on a hot day in the middle of summer. Pink Lemonade by Zonk! is the nicotine salt made to give you that same mouth-watering taste. This blend has the sour lemon taste combined with the sweetness of the lemonade to create a delicious, tart salt that every vaper can enjoy. With the nicotine salt infused in the e-juice, the Pink Lemonade flavor gives you a sugary kick. Whether you are looking to recapture that childhood flavor or just looking for a delectable new vape, this salt is the perfect treat for you. So gratify your nicotine craving and enjoy yourself while you do it with Pink Lemonade by Zonk! Your taste buds will thank you, and so will your inner child